Webflow Form + Sender Info

Collect IP & location data automatically with your form content

Getting IP Information

There are quite a few situations where you can benefit from capturing a visitor's IP address.

  • For some services like email newsletter services, you may need to prove the IP origin of a subscriber, and the opt-in state. IP is part of that record.
  • Certain information aspects such as the geographic location of the visitor can help your site operate.
  • In the case of your form posted data, fraud, threats or other information may be more traceable if needed.
  • - Importantly, there are privacy considerations here particularly with GDPR. Make certain your laws, uses, privacy policy clearly allow this.

It's possible to capture this information from a service that can collect the visitor's public IP, and resolve that to key lookup information such as location.


See what some public IP info services provide;

  • Choose an IP detection & information service from the drop down list.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Your current IP will be shown, along with the full JSON response.
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CodePen showing IP Service enum and calls

See the Pen WFU | Webflow forms w/ Make Webhook by Michael Wells (@memetican) on CodePen.

Send IP Data with Webflow form

Of course, seeing IP data isn't useful by itself. Storing it with information that the user sent is much more important.

Let's demonstrate how to do that;


  • Webflow Utils (WFU) offers a custom attribute that can be added to your form, to automatically add hidden fields with the sender's IP info.
  • This will be captured by your server-side forms processer, whether it's Webflow's, or a webhook like Zapier, n8n or Make.


This demonstration uses SA5.

Automatically captures the visitor's IP info and appends it to the form as hidden fields. Will be captured by the form submitter.

  • Submit test data in the form here
  • See the Google Sheet here [instant]
  • See the Zap here
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How to implement

See the designer view of this demonstration by clicking the button at the top.
Then view this part of the layout for details;

01 The basic process

Coming soon.